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Former Member
Jul 27, 2005 at 11:53 PM

eu_role vs eu_core_role vs cc_user vs crm.User



I have ep6.0 sp12. i installed BP for CRM 4.0, I was just thinking of assigning an every user role for all the users created.

just came to know that from SP11, new roles eu_core_role and cc_role are available. In my installation I could only find eu_role, cc_user.

I have also a role crm.User.

I was just wondering, if you could someone help me decide which role should i assign for the crm users (for ex: lead manager, lead qualifier etcc...) or should i use a combination of above role, if so which combination could you suggest

all the roles above contains iviews related to mail/calendar..does that mean that I have to integrate this with groupware systems here (BP for communication)..

Right now i am confused and just wanted to know, which combination for which type of users should i implement

hope that someone can help me in this regard.

Thank you