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Jul 27, 2005 at 07:53 PM

DropDown Selection


Hi Sdn,

My iview has a dropdown holding the selection, Iam trying to read a cookie into it.

When i select a vlaue from the dropdown..i set this value as a cookie and then the selection attribute holds the value readin from the cookie(which is selected value).

If i select a different value from the dropdown..again this value is set as a cookie but then the selection holds or shows previous cookie until i manually refresh the Iview or with a refresh link on the Iview.

Iam setting the Cookie in the PAI of the JSPDynpage..and reading it on the top of JSP.

Infact after reading the Cookie, iam setting it in a Bean like:




and in the Dropdown-> selection ="myBean.getCooky()"

Any hints?