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Former Member
Jul 27, 2005 at 07:41 PM

SDN vs SAP Community - Overlap/Duplication


I particpate occassonally on the SAP Community BW forums, but the level of activity is much, much lower. I sometimes see the same post on SAP Community and SDN, with replies on SDN and few if any on the Community site.

I'm not trying to bad mouth the Community site, but I'm not clear on what the distinction is, or who the audience is supposed to be. It seems like at a minimum, all of the "developer" types of questions should go to SDN, and if there is a need for business, future direction, etc, maybe that belongs on SAP Community.

I often feel like posting a reply to a technical post on SAP Community with a "Go to SDN" response, but have refrained, not wanting to upset the forum gods. Especailly since the SAP Community folks are sending me a soccer ball for participation.

At any rate, seems like a lot of duplicate effort on SAP's part the way it is now.