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Dec 01, 2012 at 11:39 AM

Portal 7.3 History unavailable after opening in External window using Javascript



We are working on SAP Portal 7.3 EHP2 version and we have a following issue.

Scenario: We have customized the SAP Masthead with some scripting where on entering the portal credentials we launch a new instance of SAP Portal
limiting certain browser properties (Making tha address bar read only, Remove the Menubar etc.) The Javascript code closes the current instance of the window and launches the new window using function.

Issue: The problem is not with new window, which launches correctly without the unwanted browser options, however, the Histoy button which is a part of standard widget library on SAP Portal does not show any entries in navigation history.

Due to this issue some CRM applications are showing continues scripting popup of

Error: showPortalplaceHistory!
'title' is null or not an object

One interesting observation is that, only when the calling window is closed the History button does not show any entries in the new popup window after relogging.

Kindly suggest if you have any work around or solution to this issue.

Prasanna Joshi