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Nov 30, 2012 at 08:21 PM

Reduce withdrawal quanity for non-stock component



We have a production order with a non-stock component (item category N) with 3 qty that created a purchase requisition. The PR was converted into a PO with 3 qty. Before the GR was done on the PO the qty on the production order was changed to 1. When the GR was done for the PO, it was done for 3 qty and the production order consumed 3 qty of the component though the requirement qty was changed to 1. The production order is now showing the requirement qty as 1 and withdrawn qty as 3. We did actually receive 3 qty from the vendor.

Please advise how we can move the remaining 2 to be taken off the production order and placed in the inventory or if that's not possible because the component is a non-stock item please advise what should be done to reconcile the production order component qty.

Any help is much appreciated.