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Nov 30, 2012 at 04:16 PM

Prompt Issues in CRE on the BI Platform - Mobile iOS


Hi guys,

We have developed a from-based report using Crystal Reports Enterprise with a prompt based on a universe parameter. Report works well when displayed in BI LaunchPad (report ask user for answer the question offering him a list of values to select).

We are also interested in delivering the report by means of the mobile platform (iOS). Once we place the report in the Mobile category we can see it in the iPad but once selected a couple of thing trouble us:

1) A message "This report requires a refresh on launch appears"with the Options Cancel/Refresh. Obviously we must select "Refresh" but we don't understand why message appears. It's suppose that report automatically refreshes when opened (this is the behaviour in BI LaunchPad). There is some way to avoid this sentence?

2) Once we select refresh app provide us the list of filters based on the prompts. But this time the app does not show the list of values to select the answer, This forces the user to having to type directly the answer without the help of the LOV. Why the LOV disappears in Mobile?

Someone has succesfully used prompts with list of values in Crystal Reports Enterprise based reports delivered by means of Mobile (iOS) platform?