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Jul 27, 2005 at 06:21 PM

JMS Error and Attempt to save Configuration



I am testing JMS topics, and find that the Engine crashes alot.

I can successfully run topic tests, but after a while the engine will stop running. The symptoms are:

<b>1> Remote Java clients can no longer send or receive

2> Can no longer log onto the J2EE Visual Administrator. No error is indicated when you hit the little "book" idon, just says 99% Trying to connect.</b>

I have tried to fix this, but the only fix I can find is to Re-Install.

But now I am re-installing so often, I am trying to find a solution to this problem.

I have trie to keep a back up of the system as follows:

<b>1> I install and configure SAP Netweaver

2> I turn SAP off with the MMC

3> I turn off the SAP services (SAP WWW, SAP J2E, SAPJ2E_00, and SAPJ2E_01).

4> I backup the \sapdb, \tmp, and \usr directories

5> I turn on SAP with MMC

6> I start the services mentioned above

7> I keep the backup around for the next time it crashes, in order to copy the backups back onto the \sapdb, \tmp\, and \usr directories in hopes it will restore the system without</b>

My problem is that after I shutdown, backup and turn MMC and services back on, the system crashes immediately (Visual Admin wont come back up, clients wont connect).

Does anyone have any suggests on how to:


1> prevent or fix crashes

2> back up the diretories without crashing ?</b>

Thanks, John