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Nov 30, 2012 at 02:31 PM



Hello everybody,

I've written an own Z-Report for getting information about planning costs (primary costs) in our projects / PSP-elements.

For getting the planning costs I use function module BAPI_COSTACTPLN_READPRIMCOST.

When I call our Z-Report with SAP ALL authority I got no problems getting the data.

But when I try with some user of our operating department the function module does not give any values.

While debugging funcition module BAPI_COSTACTPLN_READPRIMCOST first I got the error message SF616 "Object Zxxxx (name of z-report) of class RE and language EN does not exist" which is already confusing, because I never did any documentation (neither German nor English) to Z-reports and never got any problems. So I went to SE61 and created some dummy documentation which solved the problem. But after that I now get error message 0K017 "No layout found". Now I'm trying to solve this but did not get the solution yet.

Anyway I do not understand why I get this messages when calling BAPI_COSTACTPLN_READPRIMCOST with some operating user. Can anyone help please?

Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards

Michael Boguth