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Jul 27, 2005 at 04:50 PM

How can I open a new window for a (calculated) PDF?



I have a BSP application with MVC. The start page is a HTML/HTMLB page with some buttons. If you click on the buttons, you get a PDF document in the same browser window. I generated the PDF over smart forms from table/Cluster data.

I call the controller in the OnInputProcessing event handler of the page and give it the parameters.

The problem: if you are on the PDF you cannot come back to the start page. I think, it is better, if the PDF gets a new window. The user can open on this way many PDF docs.

I tryed with navigation->next_page(...) or call_view etc. but all this dosn't work. Only the PDF will be show and in the same window!

Do I have to separe the application in two applications and use the CALL_APPLICATION method?

Or does anyone know a better way?

Thank you!