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Nov 30, 2012 at 05:52 AM

FBCJ integration issue with CO Internal Order


Dear All

1. At the time of entry in FBCJ we are not finding the INTERNAL ORDERS (STATISTICAL). When In Internal Order Field when we go via F4 to View/Find the Statistical Internal orders of Fixed Assets Vehicles i.g Vehicles LXP-950 , IXC-800 ,KIC-6580 etc. is not Finding in list of possible entries.

Few day ago it is working well and Fixed Assets Vehicle Statistical Internal Orders are available via F4 in Internal Order Field.

In FIXED ASSETS TIME DEPENDENT MASTER DATA - We enter Just Statistical Internal order ( Name) for Integration with SAP CO Module and In SAP CO INTERNAL ORDER (Statistical) MASTER DATA we entered Cost Center.

When we make entry in FBCJ when Enter Internal Order in its Field it took Cost center by Default.

2. Another Thing that i want to Clear is That in T.CODE AS02 Assets Master Data Time Dependent we should enter COST CENTER THERE OR NOT. We just enter Internal order there.

If we enter Cost center in AS02 what will be impact and what area will will effect with this activity.


Khalid Mahmood