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Nov 29, 2012 at 11:37 AM

Subcontracting and serial number


Hi all,We have the following scenario: We deliver material (with S\N) to a vendor. .We deliver all serial number to the vendor (MType 541)(example s.n. 23). c. We post GR (101) and the specify S\N.The problem is that materialis both in MType 543(s.n 23) and 101(s.n 23) with the same S\N and the system issue error message IO 231: "Stock data of serial number x not suitable for movement".Any idea one to manage the process

I muss take on same serial number, because i have serial number joined with equipment PM.

If i take on different serial number, new equipment PM create and i loss history.

Any programing or customizing settings?

Help me, pleas.