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Nov 29, 2012 at 11:39 AM

how to know when the batch input is finished


Hi all,

We have the following scenario:

We have a programa wich call to a transaction using a batch input. Both are custom programs.

The batch input fills some data and skip some screens and then returns the control to the user.

We are calling the batch input with these options:

opt-dismode = 'E'.

opt-updmode = 'S'.

opt-racommit = 'X'.

The problem is when the batch input is filling these values several fields must be in edit mode, but when the batch input ends and the user recover the control these same fields must be in non editable mode. We don't want the user can change the values of these fields.

But we don't know when the batch input is finished. we've tried checking the value of sy-binpt and sy-batch,but sy-binpt is always set to X and sy-batch is always set to SPACE.

We need to do it in the PBO of the screen, and we need to know the "dismode" to change the logic in the LOOP AT SCREEN.

If we put these fields always as non-editable the batch input doesn't work because can't change the value of these fields...

Do you know how can we achieve it?

Thanks in advance,