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Nov 29, 2012 at 11:29 AM

Subcontracting process between two plants



Plant 2 creates a subcontracting purchase order and does transfer posting and challan and sends to plant1 raw material code x and sfg code used y

In plant 1 i am creating a sales order for sfg with different material code L

Doing mb1c 501 e movement type to inward the raw material with different code M (Because plant 1 also has the same raw material)

So the raw material becomes the sales order stock

In plant 1 i have a created a bill of material and routing for L and component as M

For the raw material i maintained MRP TYPE ND (Since i am inwarding the stock through mb1c 501 e)

Now i run the mrp in plant 1 for the sfg material the procurement proposal for raw material will not be created and for sfg the planned order is created with respect to sales order

I convert the planned order to production order with sales order related and perform goods issue and then migo. Now the sfg is formed which has to be sent to plant1

Now i create a picking, delivery, billing with respect to sales order with material code L

Now i plant 2 the migo will be done with respect to subcontract purchase order with material code y

Now the problem is after the production process the raw material stock(which is in the form of sales order stock) is left over now i need to send to plant2 how can i send it. It is a sales order stock and also in different material code as mentioned above M

Is this process correct ?