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Nov 28, 2012 at 07:17 PM

Shipping point/routes table in STO


Hi All,

We need to develop a Z report which will show open PO's (STO) for which outbound deliveries have not been created. I can use VL10B or VL10H but in the output we need to have material description,ship to party etc and some other fields which are not available in layout for VL10B/VL10H. So

A ) the selection criteria for Z report is a follows. The open STO;s needs to be found based on follwoing for every line item and for every schedule line in STO

1 )shipping point, I n eed to know which table stores shipping point for an STO ?

2) route, which table stores route for STO ?

3) delivery creation date(material availability date ), which table stores this date for STO ?

4) STO type (PO type ), which table stores PO type ?

B ) also if someone can advice, instead of devising a Z program, how we can extract data from VL10B/H and put the open PO's list in an internal table and then use custom logic on internal to fetch material no, ship to party