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Nov 28, 2012 at 07:59 AM

Material without batch number missing in CORK


Hi ,

We are using Process order, backflush , at the point of Process order release, we do automatic batch determination for all raw material, Stock of some raw material are insufficient at the point of process order release so we will have a multiple line of Same Raw materials, each line with the Qty allocated to a batch number and the last line will be the Shortage Quantity that no batch allocation


Finished Product X 5000 Kgs, Need raw material A 5000 Kgs.

In process order

Finished Product X 5000 Kgs

Line 10, Raw material A, 2000 Kgs Batch B1 Batch Key 2

Line 10, Raw material A, 1500 Kgs Batch B2 Batch Key 2

Line 10, Raw material A, 1500 Kgs Shortage Quantity No Batch Allocation, Batch key 1

when we do CORK, Good Movement, the last line with batch key1 , shortage Quantity will not listed for goods movement 261,

Is this a common behaviour, or do I missing any configuration?