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Nov 28, 2012 at 02:55 AM

Is anyone else having problems connecting Excel 2013 64 bit to HANA via ODBC or ODBO


This is mainly directed to someone from SAP. I spend the entire afternoon trying to figure out how to connect Excel 2013 to my HANA instance on AWS. I'm pretty familiar with connection MS Office apps to ODBC sources, but HANA is baffling me.

I'm able to get testing the connection to succeed when creating a DSN, or building connections using the various connection wizards in Excel 2013 and have reviewed the post on connecting Excel 2010 to HANA.

When trying to connect with either ODBC or ODBO, I get the error that the data connection wizard cannot obtain a list of databases from the specified data source. If I try connecting to HANA using the ODBO driver using the PowerPivot data connection wizard, Excel crashes!

Any guidance on patches would be welcome. I downloaded the HANA client drivers for 64 bit from the HANA Development center link

I'm also using the RTM version of Excel 2013.64 bit

For the host name, I use my Elastic IP address with a colon followed by the 30015 port number.

Thanks in advance,