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Nov 27, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Material Stuck in Quality Inspection on Manual Inspection Lot


Hello Gurus,

I have been researching an odd problem where an Inspection Lot was created and processed according to our normal procedures, but no quantity posting was allowed because there was no Insp Stock Quantity tab in the Usage Decision. After reviewing the Inspection Lot Status (attached) and researching on this site, I have found out that this is caused by creating a Manual Inspection Lot. This is fine under normal circumstances because the material is supposed to stay in unrestricted stock.

However, the problem that I have come here for help is that the material actually was moved into quality inspection (meaning Q Stock Category) with a 322 Movement Type but it did not create an automatic Inspection Lot as it should have. I have attached the Material Document from that transfer and the only difference I see between this and a normal transfer to quality is that the Stock Type is not filled out as "2 Quality Inspection".

Currently, the material is designated with Q Stock Category and cannot be reversed or moved because this has to be done through QM (Message no. QA495). However, I also cannot move it from the inspection lot side because it doesn't consider the parts in Quality Inspection. I have confirmed this independently using the QALS table. I could use some help fixing both the process and this particular problem so Helpful Answer Points for anyone can explain why our normal process didn't create an automatic inspection lot and Correct Answer Points for anyone who can explain how I can force the material out of quality inspection.




MatDocIssue.PNG (14.3 kB)
InspLotStatus.PNG (10.4 kB)