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Nov 27, 2012 at 08:55 PM

Repeat Block for each Product in Report SAP BPC7.5NW SP10


Hi Gurus,

I am trying to create a report where the Product is based on the selection of Region. I need to expand on the Product to bring the Product IDs as the region is changed. I am using the filter in Memberset of Product as "REGION=&"""<Region_selection_cell>, which is working fine.

Now the challenging part is, for each product, I need to repeat a block. Something like

Region=Africa (Selection from Drop Down)

Part of Row Key Range Descriptions Col Key Range (Account, DataSource, Time)


Product ID

Account Type Desc Product Desc Curr Desc 2012.JAN (COL)


AFRT1 LPRICEY Africa 1 Euro


40 EUR AFRT1 DISCY Africa 1 Euro 20 50 EUR AFRT1 COGSY Africa 1 Euro 30 60 EUR AFRT2 LPRICEY Africa 2 Euro 70 100 EUR AFRT2 DISCY Africa 2 Euro 80 110 EUR AFRT2 COGSY Africa 2 Euro 90 120

where LPRICEY, DISCY, COGSY are just some descriptive texts, not part of any dimension members or dimension properties.

How can I achieve this? I think Block Expansion would not work, since the Product needs to be part of the block and I cannot hard code the Product IDs in that block. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Please let guide what options do I have. I will really appreciate your help.


Abhishek Khatti