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Nov 27, 2012 at 01:28 PM

Leave Workflow resubmission problem


Dear Expert

We have implemented a leave workflow base on standard workflow 12300111, which has more than one approval layer. After the second manager reject the request, the request goes to “Resubmission” and by the “Dummy” method send it back to “&_WF_INITIATOR&” of the initiator.

Now, after resubmission of the request by the initiator, SAP sends it to the second manager that is not true as our organizational process. According to our business process after each rejection the request must be send back to the initiator and then must send it to the first manager and then other higher managers. In a word after each rejection the request must throw same as new request.

We have written a background method which set the next processor as the first manager and have putted it after the Standard task “TS12300116” (Process Request by Employee) in workflow. But the method does not work and the “Next processor” does not change.

Please guide me to implement the above process.

We now use SAP ECC 6 EHP5 and use NWBC as internet based portal.

Vest Regard