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Nov 27, 2012 at 11:21 AM

Problem to unassign a company code to profit center



I have a problem to unassign the company code LU to one profit center Y.

I get the message KM588 : Cost center X is assigned to profit center Y.

This CC X is indeed assigned to this PC Y, and previously (until 30.04.2007) assign to CCode LU. But from 01.05.2007, it is no more the case and it is assigned to CCode ML.

My profit center has a validitiy period from 01.01.1900 until 31.12.9999. So I tried to unassign the Ccode LU only from the beginning of the year but iti seems that the CCode assignemnt is not time dependant. could somebody confirm that to me ?

When I looked in debug mode to see why the message was raised whereas the CCode LU is no more assigned to CC X, I see that the check is made without date. That's why the cost center X is retrieved from CCode LU assignement even it is no more valid.

Is it a bug from the program or is it the normal behiavour ?

Could someone help me for that ?

I thank everybody that could help me in advance.