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Nov 27, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Workflow doesn't start after transport



I have copied the workflow WS 21000083 and I have created a new one WS 91000001.

I have programmed a check function module to decide when the workflow WS 21000083 and WS 91000001 should be started (transaction SWE2 - Check Function Module). When a posting is created in FI-CA, then only one workflow must be executed.

It works perfectly in the development system but when I transported everything to the test system, then the workflow WS 91000001 is never started.

The entry TRSP CORR in the table T77S0 is set to ' ' and the agent assigment in the task of the activity 000268 is set to "General task: can be edited by all users" in the test system. Everything seems to be right.

The workflow WS 21000083 is started in the test system but WS 91000001 is not. What does it happen? What should I check?

Here an screenshot of the SWEL in the development system:

Here an screenshot of the test system:

The automatic workflow customizing in the test system should be correct because the workflow WS 21000083 is started.

Any idea?



development.JPG (25.0 kB)
test.JPG (21.1 kB)
customizing.JPG (68.2 kB)