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Nov 27, 2012 at 10:35 AM

GRC 10: Custom Workflow Design for business requirement


Hi All,

I have successfully configured "Default" workflow and all the users are successfully getting creatd in the back end system. Now a new business requirement has come where, the manager of Material Management (who is also all MM roles owner) does not want to just approve the request coming to him for providing the approval for MM roles containing in a request. Rather what is wants is, before actually he approves, he wants his assistant/subordinate/secretary to first check and verify the details in the request from MM point of view and then once the assistant/subordinate/secretary is satisfied with the details, he/she can approve the same request and then it should come to the MM manager.

Why he wants this because, he is unable to spend time on verifying the details in the request due to time unavailability. That is why he wants his subordinate/secretary/assistant to first cross check. Then he will simply approves the request based upon the check done by his assistant/secretary/subordinate.

Now that I am using the "Default Initiator" successfully, I would like to invite suggestions from all forks here to know how I can achieve this requirement by adding a "Routing Rule" or otherwise...

Please see below workflow design as per above explanation. This will help us understanding it in a better way.

Please let me know your suggestions on this.




Workflow.JPG (55.0 kB)