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Jul 27, 2005 at 08:33 AM

Unicode help


Hi all,

i have enabled the unicode checkbox in my program.Now i am facing a prblm.the prgrm using open dataset clause.Then it uses read dataset clause.Then it giving the prblm.To come over from it i have maintained one char type variable with lenght 1200. Now when i passing the data one by one to the internal table its of for char type field.But for type p field it gave short dump.So please can anyone suugest the procedure to overcome this problem..I am attaching the little code part.

READ DATASET p_extfil INTO w_struct.

IF sy-subrc = 4.



*Begin of cnxt-28{

tab_wa-posnr = w_struct+211(6).

tab_wa-etenr = w_struct+217(4).

tab_wa-matnr = w_struct+221(18).

tab_wa-crd = w_struct+239(8).

tab_wa-ffd = w_struct+247(8).

tab_wa-ffd = w_struct+247(8).

tab_wa-edatu = w_struct+255(8).

tab_wa-shpd = w_struct+263(8).

  • tab_wa-bmeng = w_struct+271(13). *

the field in asterik(*) is the problem.The field bmeng is type p in Database table. but the w_struct is type c of length 1200.Si it gave short dump unable to interpret.

So please if someone can help ..