LSMW for Maintenance Item with multiple Object List

Jan 05, 2017 at 03:21 AM


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Dear Masters..

I am using Object: 460 Method: 002 in which I am able to load Maintenance Items with Object List. But is not picking up Object list in reference to load Maintenance Items.

I don’t know what to put in the process step "5 Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules" in IBIPOLST - Field TCODE ,Because ifI put in the field the transactión IP04 doesn’t Work

Thanks for your help ,


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3 Answers

Annie Martinez Jan 05, 2017 at 09:25 AM

In LSMW, the first 2 fields in the source fields will provide connection between structures.


Struc -> ITEMS

Field1 - WARPL (Maintenance Plan)

Field2 - WAPOS (Maintenance Item)


Field1 - WARPL (Maintenance Plan)

Field2 - WAPOS (Maintenance Item)

Just make sure your first fields in Step 3 (Maintain Source fields) are those fields that are unique and will connect the structures.

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I am joining the IBIPMPOS structure with IBIPOLST by the field RECORNAME is this sufficient.?

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Jürgen L
Jan 05, 2017 at 09:52 AM

Some years ago I answered a similar question with: I am not an expert in PM module, I have done it just once in 2006 as LSMW expert together with a PM colleague. And in my old project I see IP01 for the IBIPMPLA-TCODE and nothing assigned to IBIPMPOS-TCODE and IBIPOLST-TCODE

And the user finally said it worked.

(btw, using user names as tag does not do anything, there is no option to follow such tag and we don't get any notification either as the @mention function is not available in the new platform - I just saw this post by chance)

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If I found that question, but at that moment the answer was


But again I have another problem...i.e., there is no default T-code assigned in the LSMW and I have to assign that.

If I assign T-code IP04 in both the structures it is misbehaving (i.e., it is recalling T-code IP04 and placing my Sort Field as Maintenance Item code)

If I assign T-code IP04 only to MAINTITEM it is not updating the records for OBJECTLIST.

Please do guide...



Oscar Rueda Tristancho

this was his reply from 10:57pm but my answer was from 11:25pm

and he answered at 11:33pm:

Hi Jurgen,

Thanks it worked for me using Object: 460 Method: 001 as per your suggestion using T-code IP01(which was available by default).

Thanks a lot....

Why not just trying?

Oscar Rueda Tristancho Jan 05, 2017 at 08:38 PM

Hi ...

When Use the Object: 460 Method :001 it Works.

This is enough for me . With this method it is not necessary to use structures IBIPMPOS and IBIPOLST the TCODE Field..

Thanks a lot

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