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Nov 27, 2012 at 08:59 AM

Custom Adapter PI 7.3 using JDBC - Sanity Check


Currently working on PI7.3 and Im faced with setting up a JDBC interaction with multiple writes and reads for any single piece of data being written or read from the remote Database.

Unfortunately I am limited in using Stored Procedures (I essentially cant).

Whilst I would normally use BPM for these kinds of interactions given the number of messages and the size of the messages I think it is a bad fit.

Im thinking a custom adapter would be best fit.

A rough sample of transactions;

1. Write a field to table A

2. Read record ID from table A

3. Write record to table B with reference to table A

4. Write Update to table A

5. Write Record to table C.

Would this type of interaction be appropriate in a custom adapter ?. Essentially this pattern will be followed for all data being posted remotely, the custom adapter will be an enhanced JDBC adapter using similar functionality to the JDBC adapter but with the transaction type interaction outlined above.