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how to ananysis profiling result,and to improve performance in Sap Design Studio

Dear all.

Rencently I'm use "&PROFILING=X" to ananysis performance and to improve it.I've use follow tips to improve,but I don't know where the picture time comes from, whether I can improve it?

My improve steps:

  1. set datasource load in script "true",and load datasource when the component show,otherwaise not.
  2. reduce Startup code,and use background processing.
  3. as soon as possible to use less coponent and datasource
  4. I've use follow code, I don't know which one better.if I reference others said,the second one better,but when I use in my application,it seems the first one better.
APPLICATION.loadDataSources([DS_1, DS_2,DS_3]);
APPLICATION.setVariableValue("YM_F", TODATE);
APPLICATION.setVariableValue("YM_T", TODATE);DS_2.setVariableValue("YM_F",SELECTDATE+"01" );
DS_2.setVariableValue("YM_T",SELECTDATE+"12" );
DS_1.setFilter("ZYEAR_MONTH", TODATE);
DS_2.setFilterExt("ZYEAR_MONTH", (SELECTDATE+"01")+" - "+(SELECTDATE+"12"));
DS_3.setFilter("ZYEAR_MONTH", TODATE);

Can someone help me to ananysis the picture data?



1.png (28.9 kB)
2.png (34.2 kB)
3.png (34.4 kB)
4.png (20.7 kB)
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