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Nov 27, 2012 at 04:39 AM

BODS - Performance of Queries with Huge Tables



I'm using BODS 4.0 with Huge tables (Millions of records). I have few performance questions and I hope you can guide me :

  1. By default, does BODS push joins, filtration to the database ? if not, which is more efficient ?
  2. If I'm joining 2 or more huge tables and there are filtration/selections, is it faster if I filter then join ? and how to accomplish this with BODS, by writing the selections in the FROM tab no the WHERE (in Query Transform) ? I read that somewhere but I want to confirm.
  3. Which is faster : BODS Joins or BODS lookups?
  4. Is there any advice on how to speed up the execution time of such queries or BODS does the optimization automatically ?

There are few resources on the web that discusses best practices in BODS when dealing with huge number of records, so this post might be a good reference for others.