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Former Member
Nov 26, 2012 at 08:47 PM

To have control on files reaching BPM


Hi All,

We have one Interface where the flow is like Source->BPM, BPM->Target.

It is IDOC to file scenario. The mapping is involved in BPM. from source to BPM, no mapping is involved.

The issue is when two files are arriving XI at the same time, even though the correct sequence file is picked up first by File Adapter, the message with the lesser records/size is reaching BPM first and failing for the sequence number issue.

We are manually reprocessing the failed file again.

For example when the files with sequence number 1,2 arrives XI having 200, 50 records respectively, the 50 records file is reaching BPM first.

Is there any way to control the process of the second file until the first one completely processed( I mean till it reaches BPM)

I tried EOIO and its not working, tried processing by time, not working because two files having the same time stamp(source system is producing this).

Please tell me how to fix this.