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Jul 27, 2005 at 06:16 AM

Retrieving values for all elements having used a supply function


Can someone advise on how do I retrieve all elements populated into the nodes and attributes at runtime?

The structure of my context is

PartNumbers (singleton node, with cardinality 0..n)


Headers (singleton node, with a supply function)


Items (singleton node, with a supply function)


Value node ‘PartNumbers’ is a parent node of ‘Headers’, which again is the parent node of ‘Items’.

Each node has an associated value attribute as a num (PartNum, HeaderNum, and ItemNum)

The relationship between these nodes is like a single PartNum has multiple HeaderNums, and each HeaderNum further has multiple ItemNums.

For e.g.








In order to establish the relationship between the dependent and the independent nodes, I am implementing a supply function for the two dependent nodes (Headers, and Items).

I have got this relationship working and displaying in separate views so far, but I need to have all the PartNumbers, the associated Headers and the Items to be written to a file.

Having used supply functions with a singleton node the content of the node elements (Headers and Items) changes each time the lead selection of the parent node (PartNumbers) changes and as a consequence, I can’t get values of all the elements.

Can someone please help?

Many Thanks,