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Jul 27, 2005 at 06:06 AM

Full and delta Upload into ODS( Example 0BBP



I have activated the EBP business content and already uploaded data into the ODS 0BBP_SC successfully in 'Full Update' Mode. I have created an info package with "Full Update" radio button in the "Update" tab selected.

Now I really want to understand how do I upload the delta data into the ODS.. I tried to create another Info package and in the Update tab selected the "Initialize Delta Proceee'. When I tried to execute this info package I encountered the following error

" Full Updates already available in ODS 0BBP_SC; Cannot update init/delta" => Mess Id : RSM1 Number: 098

I would like to know how do I enable this delta processing ( please note that in this case I am uploading data from the EBP system into the ODS mentioned above.. there ius no data target after the ODS).

I have checked the data source 0BBP_TD_SC_1 that is used and in this data source the "Delta Update" Check box in the EBP system is checked.

Please help me as I want to set up a process chain to perform the daily delta upload of data into this ODS.