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Nov 26, 2012 at 02:49 PM

rte_1.insertdocument() returning -1 after 2nd call


Hi everyone,

in my application i have a window with a rich text edit control.

This window can be opened for different object id's, every id with a unique rtf-file, saved locally.

If the local rtf-file does not exist while opening, i wanted to insert a default.rtf into the rte control.

This works well for 2 calls, but opening the window for the third object, insertdocument() always returns -1.

It doesent matter which object it is, it's always the third time i open the window with the rte-control.

I searched the web for several hours, without noticing any problem like this.

Perhaps some of you guys can provide help.

Thx and please excuse my engish 😔

The Code looks like this:

open event of window:

IF FileExists("Standard.rtf") then

rte_1.insertdocument("Standard.rtf", FALSE)