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Nov 26, 2012 at 08:53 AM

FM Availability Control Inconsistencies


Hi Experts,

Kindly need your advise related to FM Availability Control Inconsistencies.

So right now I am on a testing phase of an implementation project, and just recently we have discovered that FM availability control inconsistencies are likely to appear. Hence, I become regularly monitor inconsistencies via t-code FMAVCDIFF and run t-code FMAVCREINIT to fix the inconsistencies.

My question is, what is likely to cause this issue? I mean if this happen to often, there must be some root causes that we can take preventive actions against. For example to avoid certain transactions running together with another or to apply SAP notes or setup additional configuration?

Need your advices as these things are disturbing our testing process and will certainly be a problem in the future production system.

Many thanks,