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Nov 26, 2012 at 09:09 AM

Excel Issue when PB is planned operation


Hi to all,

I've build simple program in PB 12.5.1 (4595)that open an excel file for read some cells.

If I lanuch the application from Windows GUI it's work fine: open the file, read the cells and close the application.

When I perform, via windows planned operation, to execute every day at 23:00 with Administrator credentials, the program can't read the excel cells.

My code is this:

ll_errore = iole_excel.ConnectToObject("excel.application")

if ll_errore <> 0 then

ll_errore = iole_excel.ConnectToNewObject( "excel.application")

end if

if ll_errore <> 0 then

is_error = "Si è verificato un errore durante la chiamata a MsExcel."

return false

end if

if not fileexists(as_file_path) then

is_error = "File non trovato: " + as_file_path

return false

end if


iole_excel.application.visible = false

la_value = iole_excel.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(is_current_sheet).range(as_column + string(al_row) + ":" + as_column + string(al_row)). value

I make a log for debug the application stack and I see the problem is in the last line


I'm sure that:

1. Excel file is accessibile by program (the open don't show the error message)

2. Excel file is wheel formated and right exenstions (.xlsx (some issue with .xls))

Some ideas for resolve?