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Nov 26, 2012 at 06:40 AM

How to retrieve the underlying data


I am trying to retrieve the underlying data from a report. I tried to use ReportDocument.Rows.DataView and it worked fine, but the result table contains all the records even the suppressed. Are there any way to exclude the suppressed data ? I found some samples with RowsetController, but looks like it will do the same as the DataView. I will appreciate if somebody can share some code how to get the data in a flat System.Data.DataTable

The report is very simple based on a view - no subreports. There is one group. I have few thousand reports saved with the data. The database is not available anymore so getting the SQL from the report and running it against the database will not work. I know there are some tools that can do this. Unfortunately I need to handle it in my application.

Thank you in advance !