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Jul 26, 2005 at 09:32 PM

data filter



I need to filter in the report based on 2 conditions with an OR conditions betweem them. For ex:

I have zeffmed and zeffden as 2 infoObjects for Zperson.

I need to filter based on the condition that : If zeffmed < sy-datum and zeffmed > 01/01/1000 OR zeffden < sy-datum and zeffden > 10/10/1000. Like this I need an OR condition between these 2 dates. But I have record like this:

zperson | zeffmed | zeffden


1 | 06/26/2005 |

I tried restricting based on these conditions under 'filter' and tried under 'free' also. Looks like these 2 restrictions on these 2 infoObjects under 'filter' or under 'Free' are considered as 'AND' conditions between them and report says 'No applicable data', since it satisfies for zeffmed not for zeffden.

Please advise how I should go about this, where should I put these conditions or do I need to change my design.