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Nov 25, 2012 at 03:37 AM

LO data source enhancement issue



in LO data source i.e, 2lis_11_vaitm daily i am loading the data to info cube and showing the records in the Report. now the new requirement is came for adding one field to the data source "Business area" .

I added this field to the data source done the enhancement in CMOD.

after doing this please tell me what are the steps i need to take. i need to replicate this data source in BW side? what about the transformations and DTP? do i need to activate this again?. by using re modelling i will add this field to the Info cube.

for bringing the data to this "particular field". do i need to fill the data in the setup tables by using SBIW and i will load the data to the PSA level by using "initialisation without data transfer" and repair full request. after doing all these steps i will create a one more transformation in this i will map only Business area field from source to Target and i will create a FULL load DTP and i will execute, for doing this only for this particular field it will bring the data into the Info cube?

All the above mentioned steps are the right way to do that or some other way i can do? please suggest me