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Nov 24, 2012 at 08:21 AM

How to close a notification automatically after a specific time period


Dear All,

My requirement is to close notification automatically after 23 days.

Scope : i have created the defect codes , corrective actions , tasks in QS41 with different catalog types.In our cases the vendor can only give the CAPA through mail or they can send a scanned report for the same. Then the user from our end will manually enter the CAPA descriptions in the notification and they will close it them selves .But if the supplier does not provide the report then the system should should close the notification itself based on the time span of 23 days. That means the notification gets closed on the 23 rd day from the creation date.

Is there any way i can close them automatically? DO i have to run any background program or plan which will close the notifications for supplier related defect.?

I have attached the screenshot for your convenience....




untitled.JPG (49.9 kB)