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Jul 26, 2005 at 05:36 PM

Make this forum a suggestion forum again



I remember the day when I first visited this forum and I had the feeling that something were wrong. Now, I know why I had this feeling 😉

1) Lots of topics in this forum are:

-Bug reports

-General <b>questions</b>

-General support requests

Some examples from today:

-How to change Business Card

-Problem in seeing posts

-RSS feeds - link from aggregator not working

-myWeblogs: HTML links within own document produce error

-Download of CRM Business Package fails

Furthermore I think it is strange that I am able to mark a topic which should be a <b>suggestion</b> as a <b>question</b>.

Now lets see what is the official description of this forum:

<b><i>This forum is for the exchange of suggestions and improvement ideas regarding the SAP Developer Network. If it is an SDN system bug please report it by selecting Contribute -> Feedback in the top right navigation. </i></b>

2) People who are making great suggestions are not rewarded

Why should someone who posts a great suggestion reward other people? I think it would be great if we could use the reward system the other way around in this forum. So that there would be some kind of voting system. This would allow us to find out what features people really want to have and to sort out all the "nice-to-have" stuff. People who have made suggestions which are officially incorperated into sdn should get some reward.

Ok so to sum things up here my two suggestions:

1) Make this forum a suggestion forum again (many posts could be moved to the <b>Other SDN Questions</b> forum)

2) Some sort of voting system for this forum would be great I think it is a shame when lots of useful ideas get lost.