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Jul 26, 2005 at 03:36 PM

Inconsistent Compounding



i get this following error while trying to instal a std object,

Inconsistent compounding with characteristic 0MAINTPLANT and referenced char. 0PLANT

Message no. R7405


Characteristic 0MAINTPLANT references characteristic 0PLANT. Thererfore, the compounding of characteristic 0MAINTPLANT must be consistent with the compounding of characteristic 0PLANT. This means:

The number of characteristics that are compounded to the characteristics above must agree.

If characteristic 0PLANT is compounded to a characteristic 'A' in the n'th position, then characteristic 0MAINTPLANT must also be compounded to characteristic 'A' or to characteristic 'B', that references characteristic 'A' in the n'th position. (Example: 'Cost center' is compounded to 'Controlling area'. 'Sending cost center' refers to 'Cost center' and 'Sending controlling area' refers to 'Controlling area'. Then 'Sending cost center' must be compounded to 'Controlling area' or 'Sending controlling area'.

System response

Characteristic 0MAINTPLANT cannot be activated.


Change the compounding of characteristic 0MAINTPLANT so that it corresponds to the conditions described above.