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Nov 22, 2012 at 04:37 PM

Open PO Report with value of invoices (not still to be invoiced)



I'm trying to find a standard report or produce something using SQVI, which will provide details of all open purchase orders and the sum of invoice values processed. We have extensive usage of the subsequent debit/credit for service order, which I suspect is making the still to be invoiced totals in the likes of ME2L, ME2N etc unreliable.

I have tried to draft something in SQVI using the following fields but have been unsuccessful, I would appreciate if anyone could let me know if they are aware of something already in existence. (I require the PO data and sum of invoices only)

PO Number EKKO EBELN PO Item EKPO EBELP Creation Date EKKO AEDAT Vendor No EKKO LIFNR Vendor Name LFA1 NAME1 Short text EKPO TXZ01 Co Code EKPO BUKRS GL Account EKKN SAKTO Cost center EKKN KOSTL Profit center EKKN PRCTR WBS Element EKKN PS_PSP_PWR Requestor EKPO AFNAM PR Number EKPO BANFN Tracking no EKPO BEDNR Material group EKPO MATKL Gross amount of PO EKPO BRTWR Invoice amount EKBE WRBTR

Many thanks