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Nov 22, 2012 at 04:31 PM

Security Roles related to Business Roles



I have a requirement to only show data specific to the business role that the user is logged into at that moment.


The PFCG role A is linked to Business Role A and allows the user to see data in Sales Organisation A.

The PFCG role B is linked to Business Role B and allows the user to see data in Sales Organisation B.

The user has both PFCG role A and B assigned in their user profile.

If they log into the WUI in Business Role A, they will still be able to see data from Sales Organisation B (in addition to the intended data from Sales Organisation A) because they have Role B with that access assigned in their profile even though they are not logged into Business Role B.


Question: is there any way that even though the user has multiple PFCG/Business Roles assigned to them granting access to data from multiple sales orgs they can only see data relevant to the Business Role they have logged into?

It is really difficult to explain exactly what I mean but any thoughts are welcome!