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Former Member
Jul 26, 2005 at 02:13 PM

ALV problems


hey guys

I am facing a small problem:

i written a code in to display the output in alv format.

In that i have two tables in nested format. That is during declaration i have two tables see the sample of field-catalog declaration.

fieldcat-tabname = 'IITEM'.

fieldcat-fieldname = 'KUNNR'.

fieldcat-ref_fieldname ='KUNNR'.

fieldcat-ref_tabname ='ZVBRKVBRP'.

fieldcat-col_pos = '1'.

fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Billing Doc'.

fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Billing Doc'.

fieldcat-seltext_s = 'Billing Doc'.

APPEND fieldcat TO fieldtab.

CLEAR fieldcat.

fieldcat-tabname = 'IVBELN'.

fieldcat-fieldname = 'POSNR'.

fieldcat-col_pos = '2'.

fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Billing Item'.

fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Billing Item'.

fieldcat-seltext_s = 'Billing Item'.

APPEND fieldcat TO fieldtab.

CLEAR fieldcat.

here IITEM is outer internal table and

IVBELN is inner internal table.

Although my final output of the program is working fine, but the problem is:

i cant able to do subtotal (ctlshiftf6) according to inner internal table. is there any problem in settings or it should be hard-coded.

I am using TYPE-POOLS : SLIS.

Pls help me.