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Nov 22, 2012 at 08:04 AM

Purchasing group wise derivation issue in MM



On our project we have GM-GTE and FM-BCS . From MM perspective there are 9 material types , for each of them budgeted amount exist. I am facing a derivation issue. I wan to derive fund center based on Purchasing group. E.g there is one purchasing group P01 and we have fund center XYZ. Now on fund center XYZ budget for all material type has been posted with respect to their commitment items. Now through BADI we enable system to derive fund center and commitment item against a purchasing group, but these is an issue how will system derive fund center and commitment item material type wise when we have a single source field "purchasing group" . We do not have field material type in ME51N , had it been there , i would have used combination of Purchasing group and Material type to derive fund center & commitment item. Please guide.