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Nov 21, 2012 at 07:53 PM

Cost center in delivery note intercompany sales - samples


Dear all,

I am facing the following problem:

Company code 0015 owns the stock. Company code 0050 does not have any own stock, so all Sales in sales org 5000 (company code 0050) is delivered from plant belonging to company code 0015. This means that we always have intercompany process when we are selling from sales org 5000.

Sometimes sales org 5000 are delivering materials free of charge (Samples) to customers, using special order type free of charge. We would like to have the following scenario:

Profit center on material in plant 0015 is 1000.

1) sales order for free of charge. Cost center 2000 is entered manually in the header.

2) Delivery from plant 0015. Posting:

Stock credit

COGS account/ profit center 1000 (from material master)

3) Invoice to customer in sales org 5000 (posted in company code 0050):

Accounts receivable Debit

Sales credit

4) Intercompany billing, posted in company code 0015:

Accounts receivable Debit

Intercompany sales credit

5) IDOC posting in Accounts payable in company code 0050:

Accounts Payable Credit

Samples account/Cost center 2000 (from sales order)

BUT the problem is the following:

When creating the delivery in plant 0015 we get an error message saying that "no accounts maintained for company code clearing between 0015 and 0050" and we also get the cost center in the delivery. I do not want to maintain comapny code clearing and I do not want t cost center posting in the delivery in comapny code 0015.

Anyone that can help?

BR Åsa