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Nov 21, 2012 at 09:49 PM

WebWbe Browser Fonts Issue


Have an application that has two parts, web browser and web browser control in Windows App.

Each piece runs the same report.

Unfortunately the Web Browser control seems to skew the font sizes. The design only lets you pick points

which are vulnerable when rendering. It appears that for some reason the webbrowser control displays larger than te web browser standalone.

Now from an earlier issue, we discovered that the Wbebrowser control renders in IE7 mode but a registry change makes it

compatible for IE9. It was also discovered that the webbrowser control wraps the IE engines so it is essentially

IE and not an unsupported platform.

In my application, the Web browser control and the standalone display all of my application pages exactly the same.

This includes over 45 pages and five different activex controls. Only the CR viewer is different.

I do have a class set up for verdana font and 8px ut it seems to be ignored.

Any help here is appreciated. I want to control the display by CSS sheet and not in the design of the report.