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How to bind data to a Grid/StandardListItem

I have a list of StandardListItem elements under a Grid and would like to bind them to a json file using a json model.

This is how I do the binding in my controller

var pricingModel = new JSONModel("./model/evaluation.json");

//set model(s) to current xml view
this.getView().setModel(pricingModel, "pricingModel");

This is a snippet of my xml view where I'm trying to bind my data.

<l:Grid class="sapUiSmallMarginTop"
        id="priceEvalGridContainer" visible="false"
    <l:VerticalLayout id="priceEvalCol1" width="100%">
        <StandardListItem  title="NSN"
        <StandardListItem  title="DLA Price Estimate (DLA)"
        <StandardListItem  title="Proposed Price"
                           info="$20.00" />
    <l:VerticalLayout id="priceEvalCol2" width="100%">
        <StandardListItem  title="$ Difference From DLA" info="$1.50" />
        <StandardListItem  title="Total Price Difference" info="$135.00" />
        <StandardListItem  title="PPI Price Adjusted For Inflation" info="$18.59" />

I have hard-coded a lot of the values as I haven't been able to properly connect the data. The only items being tested for now are info="{NSNID}" and info="{DLAPriceEstimate}"

I've seen examples on how to bind a StandardListItem or a Grid, but haven't seen it being done together.

I tried doing the binding in the following way but it didn't work for me.

<l:Grid class="sapUiSmallMarginTop"
        id="priceEvalGridContainer" visible="false"
                 path: '/PriceEstimate'

The app runs with no problems and there are no errors being shown, however the data does not show up in the grid. It's all blank.

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