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Nov 21, 2012 at 01:16 PM

Change the Value and Properties of the Configurable fields Dynamically of a Form View


HI All,

I have a Requirement to change the each field on the UI with its properties like mandatory,display. Also to Clear the value of field, insert new data into the field based on the data extracting from the config.

I followed the steps given byFormer Member in the .

I am able to change the Mandatory and Display of the fields of all the fields except for the fields of the type TEXTAREA.

Pls find the screen shot fo the COnfigutation tab:

Pls find the screen of the fields with their Properties :

1. I am able to make a field Mandatory/ not for this field but couldnt change the editability..

followd the link but not working correctly 😔

2. I need to change the value fo the attribute as well.. How do i change the value ?

Any suggestion pls !!

Request you to reply ASAP !!


123.JPG (39.5 kB)
1234.JPG (31.3 kB)