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Nov 21, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Inventory Revaluation DTW error when multiple Items with Multiple FIFO Layer


Dear Expert,

How can i run DTW of Inventory Revaluation of multiple items with multiple FIFO Layer at a time?

My inventory valuation method is FIFO.

When i import one item through Inventory Revaluation DTW format, it woks.

In OMRV DTW Sheet:

DocNum DocDate RevalType RIncmAcc RExpnAcct

4200 20121120 P 204010020 204010020

In MRV1 DTW Sheet:

DocNum LineNum ItemCode WhsCode RDcrmAcct RIncmAcct

4200 0 111 20 204010020 204010020

4200 1 222 20 204010020 204010020

In MRV2 FIFO Layer DTW Sheet:

DocNum LineNum IVLTransSe IVLLayerID Price

4200 0 30109 0 500.00

4200 1 30165 0 500.00

When i import above mentioned sheet, system gives "Internal Error 5002" Error.

Then i check properly MRV2 Table, system also have been maintaining "Base Line" in which system have been maintaining record of MRV1 line number.

but in DTW MRV2 format, there is no field of "BaseLine". I think this may be issue but not sure.

Pls help me to import multiple Items with multiple FIFO Layer through Inventory Revaluation DTW.


Vishal Dabhi