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Nov 21, 2012 at 02:26 AM

Problem while calling F-04 through BDC


Hi all,

Here is a scenario.

I have developed a custom program where there is a BDC used to call the transaction F-04 to post the residual items. On testing i found something strange which has made me post this communication.

Through debugging, I executed the program and the BDC and found that in the final internal table before the screen F-04 was called, the item number that has to be selected on the F-04 screen is 17 which has an amount 753,000. But when I reached the screen F-04 I found that while selecting the open items, the line item number 17 has a value of 787000 wheras the amount 753000 has the line item number as 16.

The strange thing is that while it was in the final internal table, that item number is correct but when i entered on the screen, i found that the places are swapped!!!!.

However, the entry that was shown on the screen of F-04 is was deleted in the logic even before the final internal table was populated.

Can anyone please let me know if i have missed out something that has to be checked or is it that the system will do its own logic ion the case of F-04?

Thanks for your help.