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Nov 20, 2012 at 08:34 PM

Installing BOBJ 4 on EC2 Amazon Linux


I am trying to install BOBJ4 on Amazon's Linux (which is a RedHat variant). I'm hitting two snags:

1. I'm wanting to use the built-in DB2 installation for the CMS. For some reason this never gets installed. No libsql directory created in my user's home dir. At the end of the install, it fails and /var/log/messages tells me that was never found - which makes sense since the installer didn't install it.

What kind of problem could be keeping the installer from installing DB2? I've checked over the shared library installs recommended in the install guide, they all seem to be correct.

2. I can't seem to get the installer to run with a response file. When I run something like the following:

./ -r my_reponses.ini

It spins for a bit then just exits. I can't see anything indicative in the log files written in /tmp. I've updated that file with what I believe are the right responses (i.e. I've removed the "*******" entries and replaced them).

My current best guess on this one is that maybe the fact that Amazon's Linux isn't recognized by the interactive installer causes the non-interactive version to just stop. I'd love to tell the installer that it should continue on with the install like I can in the interactive version. Is there a command-line switch I can use to force it to continue?